ASPAC GRANITE offers you a fast consistent and reliable service for the multifamily at very low prices plus warranty support for the builder. For the single family home builders, renovators , ASPAC offers an ‘at-your-doorstep’ service with design help, drawings and Samples. Delivery and install is completed efficiently and on time while working closely with customers’ needs. A Quality finish is very important at ASPAC. We use only quality materials and skilled workmanship while finishing your counters.
At ASPAC GRANITE, it is extremely important for us to build a client relationship and service the customer till they are fully satisfied. From the start we set the right expectation with our customers, while ensuring that we provide exactly what you want. At ASPAC GRANITE LTD. we will stand by our customers, and their continuous feedback, shapes our services on a daily basis.
At ASPAC GRANITE, we thoroughly inspect and measure your cabinets after they are installed, and only then proceed with manufacture. In general, depending on the schedule in our calendar, we will deliver and install within 10 business days after measuring. All installation will be completed only by highly skilled installers. Our installers have many years of experience behind them.
In general, we expect our customers to inspect our work immediately and any minor deficiencies will be taken care of immediately. Since stone is a natural product, any warranty is limited only to poor workmanship.[See our Warranty page] In an install, any parts that need modifying or to be changed will be completed within a week, unless new material needs to be obtained to complete the job, and, where the time will depend on availability and delivery.
Granite is a naturally occurring product and does not confine to any standard properties in terms of color, surface composition patterns, surface hardness, porosity chemical composition, etc., QUARTZ on the other hand, although engineered is still a breakable, scratchable, and, stainable material but offers uniform strength. Because of this, we do not cover for any of the said properties as above and do not cover for scratches, cracks, breakages and staining after the day of install.
However, we do cover, for defective material (holes in surface more than 5mm in diameter -in general, never supplied, or will be closed with color matched epoxy.),and, against faulty workmanship. We cover granite /quartz /marble countertops we have supplied and installed against workmanship for a period of 6 months. All our supplied granite is treated with a sealer which does not allow for water and some liquids to seep in immediately (they will do so over time depending on the stone), however we do not cover against staining as some granites such as Kashmir white, Giallo ornamental, etc, and slates and lime-stones, will still absorb liquids even after they are sealed.Granite which is composed of many different minerals in its natural form may react chemically with different liquids containing acids etc.. Quartz is man-made and, although more stain and scratch resistant, can be stained due to chemical reactions with acidic liquids and liquids containing microscopic/nanoparticles such as dyes and food coloring matter etc., We do not cover for stains.